August, 1934

State Routes will be Numbered and

Marked with Distinctive Bear Signs

The simplification of highway directional service by the use of route numbering has been demonstrated throughout the country by the U.S. numbered highways. Plans have now been developed to coordinate the main State routes in California in a similar way. To this end, routes have been decided upon, numbers have been assigned, the design of the State route sign adopted, and sign surveys are under way to determine the number and location of the signs required. Routes will be signed as fast as available funds will permit.

Considerable study has been given to the selection of routes and to the system of numbering. In a section of the country where roads run mainly east and west and north and south, the matter is simple. In California, however, with the Coast Range, the Tehachapis and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the topography and, consequently, the main road locations vary. There is sometimes doubt as to whether a certain road should be classed as north and south or the reverse. Under the system adopted, the routes classed as east and west are given even numbers and the north and south routes the odd numbers. State numbers are not given the U.S. numbered routes as there could be no object in such duplication. Some numbers have been omitted to provide for contingencies due to future developments of the highway system.


In the selection of numbers, preference in assigning the smaller numbers has been given to the more heavily traveled roads in the vicinity of Los Angeles and San Francisco. In the combination of sections of roads under the same route number, consideration has been given to established traffic habits, so far as known, to provide the most direct route between important termini. Numbers have not been given to short sections of roads which are more or less local in character, even though such sections are important traffic arteries.

The whole purpose of road signing is to provide information for the stranger or occasional visitor. Naturally, the local traffic is acquainted with and takes full advantage of the routes it prefers.

The design of the sign as adopted has been given a good deal of thought. A large number of designs were worked out and abandoned. It is essential that a sign for this purpose be of distinctive shape, simple, and easily read. The design finally adopted was worked up by the Division of Architecture.

The signs will be black figures on white background. The material will be porcelain enamel on 18- gauge steel.

It is anticipated that three signs per mile will be required on an average and that approximately 2000 will be placed this year.

There follows a list of the numbered routes as shown on map printed on adjoined page:

List of State Route Sign Numbers


1. Jct. U.S. 101 at Las Cruces, via Cambria, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Pt. Reyes, and Westport, to U.S. 101 at Fortuna.

2. Santa Monica via Santa Monica Blvd. to Jct. Route 18 at Lake Arrowhead, via Arroyo Seco and Cajon.

3. Jct. U.S. 101 at Serra to Jct. U.S. 101 at El Rio via Santa Monica.

4. Jct. U.S. 40 at Pinole to Jct. Route 89 near Markleeville, via Stockton.

5. Jct. Route 13 near Glenwood to Jct. Rte. 1 at San Francisco.

6. Santa Monica to Jct. Rte. 39 near Fullerton.

7. Jct. Rte. 3 at Torrance to California-Nevada State Line north of Coleville, via Mojave; and from Nevada-California State Line near Reno Jct. To California-Oregon State Line at New Pine Creek, via Alturas.

8. Stockton to California-Nevada State Line near Woodfords, via Jackson.

9. Santa Cruz to Milpitas, via Redwood Park.

10. Jct. Rte. 3 south of Venice to Jct. U.S. 101 at Santa Ana, via Manchester Avenue and Santa Ana Boulevard.

11. San Pedro to Jct. Route 118 near La Canada.

12. Jct. Rte. 1 at Jenner to San Andreas, via Santa Rosa, Rio Vista, and Lodi.

13. Santa Cruz to Jct. U.S. 101 at San Rafael, via San Jose, Mt. Eden and Oakland.

14. Hermosa Beach to Jct. Rte. 18 near Olive, via Artesia Blvd.

15. Long Beach to Jct. U.S. 99 near Monterey Park, via Atlantic Blvd.

16. Jct. Rte. 20 near Wilbur Springs to Jackson, via Sacramento.

18. Jct. Rte. 19 near Artesia to Victorville, via San Bernardino and Big Bear Lake.

19. Jct. Rte. 3 near Long Beach to Jct. U.S. 66 near Lamanda Park.

20 Jct. U.S. 101 near Ukiah, to Jct. U.S. 40 near Emigrant Gap, via Marysville and Nevada City.

22. Jct. Rte. 3 north of Seal Beach to Jct. U.S. 101, via Ocean Blvd.

23. Jct. Rte. 3 near Aliso Canyon to Fillmore.

24. Woodland at Jct. U.S. 99 to Jct. Route 7 near Reno Junction, via Oroville and Quincy.

25. Jct. Rte. 198 near Priest Valley to Jct. U.S. 101 near Gilroy, via Hollister.

26. Jct. Rte. 3 at Seal Beach to Jct. U.S. 101 near Santa Ana.

27. Jct. Rte. 3 near Topango Beach to Jct. Rte. 118 at Chatsworth.

28. Jct. Rte. 1 near Albion to Jct. U. S. 40 near Davis, via Sage Canyon.

29. Vallejo to Upper Lake, via Calistoga and Lakeport.

32. Orland at Jct. U.S. 99 to Jct. Rte. 36 near Deer Creek Meadows, via Chico.

33. Maricopa to Jct. U.S. 50 near Tracy, via Coalinga.

35. Jct. Rte. 22 near Seal Beach to Jct. U.S. 99 near West Covina, via Santa Fe Springs.

36. Jct. U.S. 101 near Scotia to Jct. Rte. 7 east of Susanville, via Red Bluff.

37. Jct. U.S. 101 near Ignacio to Jct. Rte. 28 near Monticello, via Napa.

39. Jct. Rte. 3 near Huntington Beach to Jct. Rte. 2 near Valyermo, via Covina.

41. Cambria to Yosemite Park, via Paso Robles and Fresno.

44. Jct. U. S. 101 near Arcata to Alturas, via Redding.

440. Redding to Lassen National Park, via Viola.

45. Jct. Rte. 24 at Knights Landing to Jct. Rte. 32 Hamilton City, via Colusa.

49. Jct. Rte. 140 at Mariposa to Jct. Rte. 24 near Reno Jct., via Sonora, Jackson and Nevada City.

55. Jct. Rte. 3 at Newport Beach to Jct. Rte. 18 near Olive.

65. Jct. U.S. 99 at Famoso to General Grant National Park, via Porterville.

71. Jct. U.S. 80 near San Diego to Jct. U.S. 66 near Claremont, via Elsinore and Temecula.

74. Jct. U.S. 101 at San Juan Capistrano to Jct. Rte. 740 at Perris.

740. Jct. Rte. 111 near Indian Wells to Jct. U.S. 60 near Riverside, via Perris.

78. Jct. U.S. 101 at Oceanside to Jct. U.S. 99 near Kane Springs, via Ramona.

79. Jct. U.S. 80 near Descanso to Temecula, via Aguanga.

89. Jct. Rte. 7 near Coleville to Jct. U.S. 99 near Mt. Shasta, via Truckee, Quincy and Chester.

94. San Diego to Jct. U.S. 80 at White Star, via Jamul and Campo.

95. Jct. U.S. 66 Near Cajon to Jct. Rte. 7 near Little Lake.

96. Jct. U.S. 101 at Klamath to Jct. U.S. 99 near Yreka, via Klamath River.

98. Jct. U.S. 80 at Seeley to Jct. U.S. 80 near Midway Wells, via Calexico.

104. Jct. Rte. 12 near Walnut Grove to Jackson, via Galt.

108. Jct. Rte. 49 at Sonora to Jct. Rte. 7 at Sonora Junction.

111. Jct. U.S. 99 at Brawley to Jct. U.S. 60 at Whitewater, via Mecca, Indio, and Palm Springs.

118. Jct. U.S. 101 near El Rio to Jct. U.S. 66 at Pasadena, via San Fernando.

120. Jct. U.S. 99 at Manteca to Jct. Rte. 168 at Benton, via Groveland and through Yosemite National Park.

126. Jct. U.S. 101 near Ventura to Jct. U.S. 99 at Castaic via Santa Paula.

127. Jct. U.S. 91 at Baker to California-Nevada State Line near Death Valley Junction.

132. Jct. Rte. 33 at Vernalis to Mariposa, via Modesto and Coulterville.

138. Jct. U.S. 99 at Gorman to Jct. U.S. 66 at Cajon, via Lancaster.

140. Merced to Jct. Rte. 120 through Yosemite National Park, via Mariposa.

150. Surf to Jct. Rte 126 at Santa Paula, via Santa Barbara and Ojai.

152. Jct. Rte. 1 at Watsonville to Jct. U.S. 99 at Califa, via Los Banos.

166. Jct. Rte. 1 at Guadalupe to Jct. U.S. 99 south of Bakersfield, via Maricopa.

168. Jct. Rte. 41 near Fresno to California-Nevada State Line, via Huntington Lake and Bishop.

178. Jct. U.S. 101 at Santa Margarita to Jct. Rte. 7 at Freeman Junction, via Bakersfield.

180. Jct. Rte. 25 at Paicines to Jct. Rte. 7 at Independence, via Fresno.

190. Jct. U.S. 99 at Tipton to Death Valley Junction, via Lone Pine.

195. Palo Verde to California-Nevada State Line, via Blythe and Needles.

198. Jct. U.S. 101 at San Lucas to Sequoia National Park, via Coalinga.

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