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This picture was taken in Redding and is looking south on old US 99 at the Route 299 interchange.


US 299 connected the north coast of California with the Central Valley and the northeastern section of California, going through some of the most beautiful terrain in the state. It was the middle of the lateral x99  highways. Like many other US highways in California, it was decommissioned in 1964 and now it is signed as SR-299. While there have been alignment improvements since 1964,its routing almost unchanged. In fact, the route was extended east of US 395 in 1964. Like it is presently, US 299 was an important route for loggers in the northern part of the state.

US 299 at a Glance

Original Routing

US 299 followed almost exactly the route of SR-299 from US 101 to US 395. Its routing was modified in several place through alignment improvements, notably through Redding, with the construction of the SR-299 and I-5 freeways. 

Current Status

US 299 was decommissioned as a US highway on July 1, 1964 and its routing and number were transferred to SR-299. Even though it was a longer (and arguably more important) route than US 199, it was decommissioned per the AASHTO stipulation that a US highway must either go through at least two states. SR-299 extends even further than US 299, going east of US 395 to the Nevada line, where, oddly, it turns into a dirt road signed as a Nevada state highway.

Intersections With Other US Highways

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Future (Distant future!)

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