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[Old 395 Post Mile Sign]

US 395 Post Mile Sign in San Diego County

US 395 is one of the main north/south highways in the western United States. In California it is the counterpart to I-5 and US 101 serving the area east of the Sierra Nevada Range. Much of it remains intact, although the portion from San Diego to north of San Bernardino has been replaced by I-15. Today it is best known as the road southern California skiers use to get to the mountain resorts and as the back door to the High Sierra.

US 395 at a Glance

Original Routing

US 395 used to go from San Diego to the Canadian border just north of Laurier, WA. It started in downtown San Diego at the intersection of Pacific Highway (old US 101) and Broadway. It followed several alignments north out of the city, but ultimately went along the entire length of what is now signed SR-163. From there it generally followed I-15 to Temecula, although until around 1950 it followed a less direct zigzag route to Perris. From Temecula, it then went up I-215 for its entire length and then up I-15 through the Cajon Pass to it's present southern terminus. North of Hesperia, its southern terminus at I-15, US 395 followed its original routing, though with inevitable realignments. 

Current Status Outside of California

US 395 has remained almost unchanged outside of California. In Nevada, however, it is being upgrading to full freeway standards to the east and north of Carson City and it is rumored that it will one day carry a three digit Interstate shield for that portion, as a spur of I-80.

Current Status in California

In California most of the routing for US 395 remains except the portion between San Diego and its terminus at I-15 near Hesperia. Around 1969-70 this section was decommissioned and its number was transferred to I-15. Apparently it remained signed as US 395 until approximately 1972. It has been replaced by SR-163, I-215 and I-15 . Almost all of its routing is still passable today with only a few sections that were paved paved over by the I-15, I-215 and SR-163 freeways.

Intersections With Other US Highways

US 395 Guide

South: San Diego to Riverside (Under Construction)

Central: Inland Empire and Cajon Pass (Future)

North: Hesperia to Oregon Border (future)

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