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The western terminus of US 70 at US 60 in Globe, AZ


US 70 along with US 60 was one of the two transcontinental highways that ended in Los Angeles. It was a relative latecomer, not having been commissioned in California until around 1936. It was somewhat of an oddity in California since it was co-signed with at least one other route for its entire length within the state. In fact, it was co-signed with other routes to its split with US 60 in Globe, AZ. While this may seem nonsensical, there was a good reason for it to go to Los Angeles; namely continuity. So while it did not go on its own for the last 500 miles of its course, it was a true transcontinental highway which linked Los Angeles with the southern portion of the United States. This made it a prime candidate to be pruned down, as it was in 1964 in California and in the 1970s within Arizona. Today it still serves several large regions which do not and possibly never will have an Interstate highway.

US 70 at a Glance

Original Routing

US 70 went from Atlantic, North Carolina to Los Angeles by way of the Deep South. Its route took it through cities as varied as Memphis, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona.

Current Status Outside of California

The western terminus of US 70 is now in Globe, AZ. From this point east, it remains entirely intact, although it has taken some new routings. It was decommissioned in the rest of Arizona, replaced by US 60 and I-10. This was something that made a good deal of sense since the section that was decommissioned was co-signed with US 60.

Current Status in California

US 70 was decommissioned July 1, 1964. It was replaced by I-10 for its whole length. There are many remaining sections left, some of which are very well preserved - especially in the desert.

Intersections With Other US Highways

US 70 Guide

I plan to have this as part of my US 60 and US 99 guide, at least for the time being. As the guides are completed, I will add more links.

US 70 Photo Album

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Other Sites

US 70 This site deals with US 70 at its other end in North Carolina. While much of it is commercially oriented, it still is a nifty place to browse as it gives local flavor and an idea of what contrasting territory US 70 goes through.

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