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El Cajon and Laguna Mountains

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Abandoned Rest Area

This was a rest area, typical of what could be found on US highways through mountains. Unlike modern rest areas on Interstate highways, this had no restroom facilities and was little more than a couple of parking spaces and picnic tables. The giveaway for this is the non-native trees remaining. The actual carriageway for US 80 was removed many years ago and the dirt road is all that remains.

El Cajon to SR-79

"State Highway, San Diego County, near El
Cajon." (1918)

Continue east on I-8, which was built over US 80 (El Cajon Blvd.). After passing over Grossmont Summit, exit on El Cajon Blvd. The freeway to the north was built in 1962 as I-8; old US 80 continued to follow its original route until its decommissioning in this area in 1964. After 1 1/2 miles, El Cajon Blvd. turns into W. Main St. US 80 continues as Main St. to the El Cajon city limits where it is now called Olde Highway 80. Shortly after the El Cajon city limits, US 80 narrowed to two lanes. It continues to the east, paralleling I-8 towards Alpine. There are two small breaks in the road, where the freeway has gone over it: Jennings Lake Rd and Dunbar Ln. East of Dunbar Ln, US 80 is known as Alpine Blvd., the main street of the small town of Alpine. East of Alpine, US 80 is once again briefly broken by the freeway at the West Willows exit. US 80 parallels I-8 on the north side going through the Viejas Indian Reservation along Willows Rd. The highlight of this section is an old bridge dating from 1933, complete with freshly painted wooden guardrails. About six miles east of Tavern Rd in Alpine - East Willows exit from I-8, this section of the old road ends, as it was paved over by the current I-8. I-8 covers US 80 between the East Willows exit and roughly to the east of the Vista Point.

Side Trip:  Wildwood Glen Road

This side trip features two bridges, built in 1917 and 1951, the first significant stretch of open concrete east of San Diego, and a view of the different incarnations of US 80 juxtaposed with I-8.

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