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The Arrowhead Trail


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US 91 is one of the lesser known important historic highways. It followed the general route of the old Arrowhead and Mormon Trails and later Union Pacific's Salt Lake railroad which provided an important link between southern California and the rest of the United States. Today, its successor, I-15 is well known as the road to Las Vegas and to the skiing sites in Utah and Colorado.


US 91 at a Glance

Original Routing

US 91 was a major north-south highway that went from Long Beach to the Canadian Border at Sweetgrass, Montana. It was one part of the original system designated in 1926, and its original routing follows current I-15 from Barstow to the Nevada state line. Its original southern terminus was at US 66 in Daggett, about 10 miles east of Barstow. In 1938, the southern terminus was moved to US 66 in Barstow along a new alignment with a grade separation over the railroad yard. This is now the corner of First St and Main St. Finally, in 1947 the southern terminus was moved to Long Beach at the intersection of US 101A and SR-15 (Atlantic Ave), mostly following the routing of SR-18. It followed US 6/US 101A (SR-1) to Lakewood Blvd. (SR-19), north on SR-19 to Lincoln Ave, east on Lincoln to Orange-Olive Ave, then right on Santa Ana Canyon Rd. to SR-91. From there, it followed SR 91 to 6th St. / Magnolia Ave. to La Cadena Dr., to Mt. Vernon Ave, then north on Cajon Blvd. North of the Cajon Pass, it followed the alignment of Route 66 to Barstow. From there to the Nevada border, US 91 followed the general alignment of current I-15.

Current Status Outside of California

Only a small portion of this highway remains signed as US 91. This remaining section starts at I-15 at Brigham City, UT and terminates at I-15 in Idaho Falls, ID. It remains because it fits within AASHTO's directive that all US highways must exist in at least two states. This is the exact reason 80 mile long US 199 still exists in California and Oregon.

Current Status in California

US 91 was eliminated on July 1, 1964 and was replaced by several state and Interstate highways. Most notable is SR-91 which follows the path of US 91 from its intersection with I-5 east to its terminus at the intersection of I-215/SR-60. Other highways that have replaced it include SR-1, SR-19, I-5, I-215, I-15. Much of the old route still exists and remains as a major thoroughfare.

Intersections and Routing with other US Routes in California

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