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I have a lifelong interest interest in roads and highways. I'm sure anyone reading this page shares this interest, or at least some of it and understands the lure of the open road. For much of my  life I have looked forward to the next significant road trip, when I could get to see even more of the country and see what the highways looked like. There is the saying that "half of the fun is getting there." For me, almost all the fun was "getting there." It has always been fun for me to look at the map and imagine what different areas looked like; I have always enjoyed being able to fill the spots on the map where I hadn't been with memories of what it looked like. One Tuesday when I was in college, I realized I had the rest of the day clear and decided to drive to Yuma, AZ. I had never seen it before and after making the two hour trip, the place on the map became real to me.

The Internet has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of roads and to see places and meet people I might not have otherwise been able to. I cannot take without trying to give something back. I am now in the 11th year a comprehensive "Historic California US Highways Page," and as time permits, a pages of other highways and road related things about which I have knowledge, such as my California Highway 56 page. (Please see below for more details.) Enjoy your stay at my site and I hope it's of value and worth your time.

My Highway Pages

Historic California Highways Historic California US Highways.   For most of my life I have seen the old two lane roads along the side of the freeways and wondered what they were and where they went. I have created this page as to help answer those questions. There will be pictures and narrative about each of the 18 US highways that went through California. I have been blessed with having many resources to aid in the description of these highways and my intent is have this site be a resource for those researching old highways.
ca-1_small.gif (2251 bytes) State Highways.  In addition to California's Historic Highways, I also have an interest in miscellaneous state highways. Some, like Route 1, are historical, others like Route 252 in San Diego somehow "died on the vine", and many others are of general interest like the Orange County toll freeways and the expanding network of state freeways in San Diego County. This page is intended as repeat of other excellent California State Highways pages, but a detailed look at those that are of interest to me.
[California 56] Highway 56 Page.  Highway 56 is a freeway in north San Diego City that connects I-5 to I-15. This highway is of interest since it reflects the evolution of freeway building over the past 40 years. I originally started this page in late 1995 as a companion to my senior research project at UC San Diego. In all honesty, I haven't had the time to keep it current, so please look at it as a historical perspective.
[Interstate 238] Interstate "Indigestion" 238.  In the late 1990s I participated in a newsgroup, "Miscellaneous Transport Road" where many people shared their knowledge of highways and (at times) peculiar philosophies of what the highways should be like. I'm keeping my page about I-238 as a period piece reflecting this time. My original description for this page is:

I-238 is almost as notorious as I-99 among road buffs as an extreme violation of the Interstate Highway numbering convention. This page explores the reasons for this aberration and explains why it's not as bad as it seems on the surface. In the end, I hope this page will explain why I-238 exists and why road buffs shouldn't fret needlessly over small stretch of highway since their time is better spent on that pork barrel of a highway, Bud Schuster's Interstate 99.


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